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We’re happy to introduce our latest partnership with GoValuta to empower us to accept quick and easy currency bookings and cashless payment.
Say goodbye to the unknown and often exorbitant administrative fees ATM operators impose.

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Term Of Use


Applicable Laws means the laws, regulations, policies, guidelines, rules and requirements (whether or not having the force of law) in the relevant jurisdiction governing the Company and/or the User (as may be applicable), including but without limitation to Anti-Money Laundering, Anti-Terrorism Financing and Funding for the Proliferation of Mass Detruction Weapons No. 8 of 2010, Law No. 9 of 2013, and such other laws and regulations as may be applicable from time to time.

Branch Collection means collection of exchanged Foreign Currency or Indonesian Rupiah by the User at the Company’s selected locations and by the time and date as specified by the Company in the Booking System.

The Booking System or Service refers to an online reservation service operated by the Company that facilitates User’s reservation of Foreign Currency at prevailing exchange rates accessible by the User via the Website which are capable of supporting reservation of Foreign Currency and optional/compulsory electronic payment to secure the Booking Transaction or receive Indonesian Rupiah via the electronic Payment service.

Foreign Currency means currency notes which are legal tender in a territory outside Indonesia.

Faspay is a national online payment gateway, which is jointly developed by financial institutions and is owned by PT. Media Indonusa.

The Company refers to the Company PT. Bali Primadana Gemilang (+62812-3769-612), a company incorporated under the laws of Indonesia with an office at address Jl. Kartika Plaza No.102b , Kuta, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80361, Indonesia includes its successors and assigns.

Transaction covers the online booking reservation performed by the User using the Booking System or the electronic payment service via QR code.

User/You/Your means an individual, corporation, partnership, limited liability Company, Association or any other entity of any kind, including currency wholesalers, money changers, banks licensed by the Central Bank of Indonesia, or any government or governmental agency or authority, whose application for the Services has been accepted by the Company.

Visitor means any individual who is not a User that accesses the Website.

Website means the Company designated website: which is open to access by Users and Visitors.


An individual User must be at minimum 18 years of age with the following ID types and permitted under the Applicable Laws to enter into a legally binding agreement.

  • Old IC
  • New IC
  • Passport
  • Army/Police
  • Temporary Resident
  • Permanent Resident
  • User must meet Customer Due Diligence requirements imposed by the Company and Applicable Laws.


User acknowledges and agrees that:

  1. The Company reserves sole and absolute discretion to determine and impose limits for the transactions performed through the Booking System whether in amount, frequency or otherwise in accordance to the Applicable Laws and that the Company reserves absolute rights to vary such limitations subject to requirements/amendments to the Applicable Laws.
  2. The Company may restrict, decline or refuse User’s request for carrying out Transaction at any time at the Company’s sole discretion without assigning any reasons thereto.
  3. The Company reserves sole and absolute discretion to determine if the User can use the Faspay service for electronic payment.
  4. In addition to these Terms, the Service may be subject to availability of Faspay services. Faspay is a separate legal entity and use of Faspay services is subject to terms, requirements and restrictions imposed by Faspay. The Company is neither liable nor responsible for any Loss incurred by the User or any other person arising from the User’s use of the Faspay services. User shall ascertain and update himself of such applicable terms, requirements and restrictions imposed by Faspay; Faspay Term & Condition.
  5. The use of Faspay services for the User is currently free of charge. However, in the event Faspay imposes any new fees pursuant to any Transaction initiated by the User pursuant to or incidental to these Terms shall be borne by the User; Faspay Term & Condition.
  6. The Company is required by law and regulations to carry out security and customer due diligence checks on you in order to provide the Services to you. You may need to provide additional information so that the Company can verify your identity as a condition of processing your requests, or otherwise providing the Services to you. The Company may make, directly or through third-parties, any inquiries the Company considers necessary to validate information that you provide to the Company, including using 3rd party verification services.
  7. User shall take all such measures and steps as may be necessary to ensure that at the time of exchanging the Foreign Currency with the Company by way of Branch Collection that any such Foreign Currency is (i) fit and recognised as legal tender for transactions; (ii) genuine currency notes; and (iii) correct in terms of currency, amount and denominations and verified against the order receipt. Upon the User’s acknowledging receipt, the Company will not be liable for any claims by the User for fake/forged Foreign Currency, shortage in amount or incorrect Foreign Currency denominations. However, the Company shall use all reasonable endeavors to investigate any reasonable claims instigated by the User.


The Company makes every effort to provide you with accurate, up-to-date Service pricing and information. Errors will be corrected where discovered, and the Company reserves the right to revoke any stated offer and to correct any errors, inaccuracies, or omissions, including after an order has been submitted and paid for by you, and whether or not the order has been confirmed by the Company. If the actual price of the Service purchased by you is higher than that reflected on our Website, we will inform you in writing via Email and you will be given an option to confirm or cancel your purchase of the Service based on the updated price. If you choose to confirm your purchase, you will have to make additional payment to reflect the updated price. If you choose to cancel your purchase, we will refund the payment made by you. If we are unable to contact you using the contact details you provided during the order process, we will treat your order in respect of the incorrectly priced Services as canceled and notify you in writing.


Any cancellation of Transaction by the User is governed by the Company’s cancellation policy that can be found here.


1. User CANNOT:

  1. use the Services in any way which will deprive other User(s) of their legitimate right to use the Services.
  2. use the Website for unlawful purposes in any jurisdiction or in breach of these Terms.
  3. use the Services for any unlawful or illegal activity or in breach of any Applicable Laws.
  4. modify, copy, distribute, reproduce, transmit, display, perform, publish, upload, post, license, create derivative works from, transfer or sell any information, designs, logos, trademarks, software or services obtained from the Website.
  5. post or transmit any unlawful, fraudulent, libellous, defamatory, obscene, pornographic, profane, threatening, abusive, hateful, offensive, or otherwise objectionable information or statement of any kind without limitation, any information or statement constituting or encouraging conduct that would tantamount to criminal offence, give rise to civil liability and/or violates any Applicable Laws.
  6. post or transmit any messages that amount to advertising material, touting or sale of, or offer to sell, any product or service.
  7. transmit or disseminate advertising material, chain letters, spam, junk mail or other type of unsolicited messages.
  8. post or transmit or disseminate viruses, worms, Trojan horses or other harmful, disruptive or destructive files.
  9. post, publish, transmit, reproduce, distribute, or in any way exploit any information, software or other material obtained from or through the Website for commercial purposes.
  10. attempt to decompile or reverse engineer any software available in the Website.
  11. attempt to hack into the Website or otherwise attempt to subvert any firewall or other security measure of the Website.

2. The Service contains messaging function and other communication facilities; you are only to send and receive messages that are proper and related to the particular subject forum/purposes only.
3. Any software provided on, by or through the Website for a specific purpose shall only be used for that purpose and no other.
4. Users shall comply with and shall not contravene Applicable Laws, without limitation laws of such jurisdiction relating to the use of the Services.
5. The Service is only available in Indonesia. If for any reason User uses the Services outside Indonesia, the Company may not support the Services and User’s use of the Services is at the User’s own risk including the risk that the use thereof violates local laws in the country/jurisdiction.


The Company’s liability to the User under these Terms is strictly limited to the return of any Foreign Currency sold by the Company or refund of the Indonesian Rupiah amount received from the User by the Company (excluding charges, costs or expenses of whatsoever nature including Faspay or bank charges the User may have incurred) in the event the Company fails to avail collection of the purchased Foreign Currency to the User (subject always such failure is not contributed by any act or omission of the User).


Due to the inherent hazards of electronic distribution, User agrees and accepts that Service may be unavailable from time to time due to required maintenance, electronic or other systems failures or interruptions (whether of the Company or any third party) or other disruptions. The Company, its suppliers and their respective affiliates, officers, distributors and employees shall not be liable to the User for any Loss suffered by the User as a result thereof. The Company does not guarantee that Services will be uninterrupted, secure, error-free, free from viruses or other harmful components.

or resources does not imply any form of endorsement by the Company. Any User seeking recourse shall do so against such party providing such advice, products or services. However, the Company requires all Users to comply with all relevant laws, as well as the rules set out in the Website, and ensure that the law and the rules are observed and complied with. Without limitation, User acknowledges that the Company is not responsible for the privacy and confidentiality of any personal information provided by the User to the other linked websites in any manner whatsoever.

The Company reserves absolute discretion without notice to the User, to introduce changes to the features appearing in the Website from time to time without limitation to add, modify or remove such features.

In amplification to any provisions of these Terms, the Company does not guarantee storage of any data stored by the User in the Booking System and excludes all liability for loss of data.


User shall indemnify the Company, its directors, officers, its suppliers, their employees, subsidiaries, related corporation, associates, distributors and affiliates against any and all loss suffered by the Company, its directors, officers, its suppliers, its employees, subsidiaries, related corporation, associates, distributors and affiliates to any person as a result of any breach of these Terms of Uses.


The Company shall not be responsible to the User for any delay in performance or non-performance due to causes beyond the control of the Company (including but not limited to Acts of God, devaluation of major currencies, non-availability of currencies, Governmental mandates or Laws).


These terms of use are not assignable by the User.


These Terms shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Indonesia and you agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts in Indonesia.


The User hereby agrees that the Company’s rights to the User’s information and disclosure will be in accordance with the Company’s Privacy Policy. User further consents to holding, collection and use of all personal data provided by the User arising from the Services in accordance with the Privacy Policy as may be amended from time to time. In amplification and not in derogation to clause above of these Terms, the Company reserves the right to disclose part or all information concerning the User at such time and in such manner, as is permitted or required by the Applicable Laws to the relevant authorities.


If any provision of these Terms of Use is declared by any judicial or other competent authority to be void, voidable, illegal or otherwise unenforceable, such provision shall be severed from these Terms of Use and the remaining provisions shall continue in effect.


The Company reserves the right to vary, alter and amend any or all of these Terms herein and announce changes to its Services and to post them on the Website. User’s continued use of the Services offered by the Company after such variation, alteration and amendments have been posted constitutes User’s agreement to be bound by them. The User shall have no recourse whatsoever against the Company for any Loss as a result of such variation, alteration, amendment or otherwise. No rule of construction applies to the disadvantage of the Company as the Company was responsible for the preparation of this Agreement or any part of it.


In the event these Terms are translated into a language other than English, it is done solely for convenience purpose, with only the English version of these Terms shall be valid and binding.


Both parties’ obligations under these Terms will survive the expiration or termination of this agreement.

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This Privacy Notice sets out how The Money Changer, will handle personal information in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Law 2022 (“PDPA”) and the laws of Indonesia.


Personal information refers to any information, which relates directly or indirectly to you. This includes any information that can be used to distinguish, identify, contact or locate you.


Because of the nature of the business and financial transactions carried out by us, the Money Changer may collect personal information including but not limited to:

  • Your contact information, such as your name, race, gender, address(es), telephone number(s), email address(es), national identification card details, passport details, occupation details, bank account information, salary range, source of funds and other relevant contact information;
  • Contact information of other persons that are privy to your fund transfer (e.g. the beneficiary of your remittance order), such as the beneficiary’s name, address(es), telephone number(s), national identification card details, bank account information and other relevant contact information;
  • Information relating to your transaction history with us;

including but without limitation to Anti-Money Laundering, Anti-Terrorism Financing and Funding for the Proliferation of Mass Detruction Weapons No. 8 of 2010, Law No. 9 of 2013, and such other laws and regulations as may be applicable from time to time.
Where you provide us with the personal information of the beneficiary of your remittance order, you confirm that you have obtained the prior consent of your beneficiary(ies) to provide us with their personal information and to view or change their information.


  • Exchange currenciesover the counter
  • Ask us for more information about a product or service (through the use of the serviceor other electronic communications);
  • From the financial transaction(s) you make
  • respond to a promotional offer, survey, prize draw or contest; and/or
  • visit or browse our website or the websites of our affiliates, strategic partners or resellers.

Other than personal information obtained from you directly, the Money Changer may also obtain your personal information from third parties the Money Changer deal with or connected with you, for example from travel partners, communications service providers, financial institutions, credit reporting agencies and from such other sources in respect of which you have given your consent to disclose information relating to you and/or where otherwise lawfully permitted.


The Money Changer may collect personal information from you or from the category of third parties identified above which is to be utilized for one or more of the following purpose: –

  • to process your orders andto keep you updated onthe statusof your order;
  • to process your orders for products or services provided by third parties, as well as to keep you updated onthe statusof your order;
  • for identification and verification purposes;
  • to ensure the completion of your order;
  • to provide you with customer support and services;
  • to respond to any queries or complaints you may have about using our products or services;
  • to keep you informed of our new products and services;
  • to contact you with offers or promotions based on your usage of our products or services;
  • to carry out research and statistical analysis, and monitor customer usage of our products and services on an anonymised basis or aggregated in a manner that does not identify you as an individual;
  • to be retained for use in your future transactions with us;
  • to prevent and detect fraud, money laundering or any other crimes; and/or
  • for any other purpose that is required or permitted by any law, regulations, guidelines and/or relevant regulatory authorities.


As a part of providing you with our services and products and the management and/or operation of the same, the Money Changer may be required or need to disclose information about you the following third parties:

  • companies and/or organisations that act as our agents, partners, service providers and/or professional advisers, and such parties as necessary to comply with legal and regulatory requirements;
  • companies and/or organisations that assist us in processing and/or otherwise fulfilling transactions that you have requested (including the financial institution acting on behalf of the beneficiary of your remittance order);
  • our business associates and other parties for purposes that are directly related to the purpose of collecting your personal information; and/or
  • other parties in respect of whom you have given your express or implied consent;
  • our prospective or new owners (if any) in which instance, the Money Changer would require them to adopt a policy of similar nature to protect your personal data and subject at all times to any laws (including regulations, guidelines and/or obligations) applicable to the Money Changer
  • Any person, which is required by law, rule, regulation, court order and under any guidelines issued by regulatory or other authorities;


The Money Changer takes all reasonable precautions to ensure your personal information is protected against unauthorized or accidental loss, misuse, modification, disclosure or destruction. However, the Money Changer cannot guarantee or warrant the security of personal information you disclose or transmit online and cannot be responsible for alteration, interception or misuse of information transmitted via the internet.


The Money Changer may use your personal information to provide you with information about our and third party services and/or products, which may be of interest or benefit you, except where otherwise requested by you.

In certain instances, the Money Changer may disclose your relevant personal information to our strategic partners where your prior consent has been obtained and subject at all times to any laws (including regulations, guidelines and/or obligations) applicable to us. The Money Changer take reasonable steps to make sure that our agreements with service providers include appropriate privacy and confidentiality obligations.

If you do not wish your personal information to be utilised for the purposes of marketing or should you change your mind in relation to your previous decision, please contact us at the address detailed at the end of this Privacy Notice. The Money Changer will abide by your latest written instructions to us.


Where indicated (for example in performing large exchange rate conversions), it is obligatory to provide morepersonal information to us to ensure we comply with applicable laws such as money laundering. Should you decline to provide such obligatory personal information, the Money Changer may not be able to process your application or provide you with our services and/or products.


The Money Changer can assist you to access and correct your personal data held by us.

Where you wish to have access to your personal information in our possession, or where you are of the opinion that such personal information held by us is inaccurate, incomplete, misleading or where relevant, not up-to-date, you may make a request to us via our Data Access Request Form or Data Correction Request Form respectively. These forms are available at our branches

The Money Changer will use reasonable efforts to comply with your request to access or correct your personal information within 21 days of receiving your duly completed Data Access Request Form/Data Correction Request Form and the relevant processing fee (if any).

Please note that the Money Changer may have to withhold access to your personal information in certain situations, for example when the Money Changer is unable to confirm your identity or where information requested is of a confidential commercial nature or in the event the Money Changer receives repeated requests for the same information. Nevertheless, the Money Changer will notify you of the reasons for not being able to accede to your request.


Some of the information that you provide to us may be required to be transferred outside of Indonesia for processing. Strict rules regarding the confidentiality and safety of your information are in place to safeguard it. The transfer of your information may be made to our databases in other countries, as well as to third parties, such as financial institutions outside of Indonesia. This transfer is required in order to process your fund transfers. It should be noted however, that not all of these countries outside Indonesia have an “adequate level of protection” for personal information. Therefore the Money Changer cannot guarantee that your data will be protected in accordance with Indonesia’s applicable laws but the Money Changer will nevertheless try to take every precaution in securing the safety of any of your personal information as outlined in this Privacy Notice.


If you choose to obtain information or do business with us online by visiting, you may wish to know the following:

The Money Changer Website

When you visit the Website, the Money Changer collects standard internet log information and details of visitor behavior patterns to ascertain the number of visitors to the various parts of the Website. Such information is not linked to you as an individual. We use such information to evaluate and improve the features, guest experience and functionality of our Website.


The Money Changer collects information about your use of the website from cookies. Cookies are packets of information stored in your computer which assist your website navigation by customizing site information tailored to your needs. Cookies in themselves do not identify the individual user, just the computer used. You are not obliged to accept cookies. If you are concerned, you can set your computer either to accept all cookies, to notify you when a cookie is issued, or not to receive cookies at any time. However, rejection of cookies may affect your use of the website as we will be unable to personalize aspects of your use of the website.

Further information about cookies and how they work is available at To opt out of being tracked by Google Analytics across the Website please visit

Links To Third Party Websites

Please be informed that this Privacy Notice applies solely to the Website and does not apply to any third party websites you may access from the Website. The Money Changer is not responsible for the privacy policies or the content of such websites as they may have privacy policies independent of the Money Changer. To determine how these third-party websites (e.g. Twitter, Facebook, YouTube) deal with your Personal Information, you should ensure that you read their respective privacy policies.


We may amend this Privacy Notice from time to time. Please check our website on an ongoing basis for information on our most up-to-date practices


In the event this Privacy Notice is translated into a language other than English, it is done solely for convenience purpose, with only the English language version of this Privacy Notice shall prevail.


Should you have any queries, concerns or complaints in relation to this Privacy Notice, kindly contact us during office hours at the following contact points:

Attn: Bali Primadana
Telephone: +62 812-3769-612
Address: Jl. Kartika Plaza No.102b , Kuta, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80361, Indonesia.

A current version of this Privacy Notice is available on our website at PRIVACY POLICY.

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Most Frequent Questions And Answers

In partnership with Govaluta , we are excited to announce our new service, allowing our customers to order an exchange of foreign currency notes online securely and subsequently conveniently collecting their Indonesian Rupiah or foreign currency notes from the branch it was booked with. For you to be able to use this service, you must either have a Facebook or Google account and a valid mobile phone number able to receive SMS messages for verification purposes.

No, there is no service charge for booking.
However, if a credit or debit card is used for payment there will be a processing charge that you will be told exactly how much it is before you commit to making the payment.

A credit or debit card that is accepted by Faspay. Currently, this includes Visa, Mastercard, JCB and American Express cards.

There is a minimum limit, which is currently 5000 Indonesian Rupiah

The collection is normally the same day as making a booking, but you may be able to extend this at your convenience by arranging and confirming this with the branch you have booked with. We recommend using the messaging facility which is available during the booking process as this will give you a record of the extension requested and granted.

Yes. You can both buy and sell foreign currency notes through the booking service, though a particular branch may not support both of these exchange services.

While your order is pending approval, you can communicate your special requirements with us using the built-in instant messaging feature. Do note that although we make every effort to meet denomination requests, it is not always possible, and therefore, we cannot guarantee your request. Should we be unable to provide you with exactly what you have requested, we will do our utmost to ensure it is as close to your request as possible.

Yes. You will receive notification via email once you have made your order and the order has been accepted by the branch.

We are required to conduct customer due diligence for larger orders of IDR, in accordance with Centarl Bank of Indonesia’s Anti-Money Laundering and Counter Financing of Terrorism Guideline. Hence, while ordering online, you may be requested to provide the following information to help us fulfill the requirement as set out by law:

Full name as stated in your official Identification Document (ID) e.g. IC, KTP or Passport

We recognise the importance of protecting personal information in accordance with the Indonesia Personal Data Protection Act 2016 and any other applicable local personal data protection laws, regulations, codes of practice or guidelines. Visit our privacy and policy page for detail information

If you place an order after store close time, the status of your will be set as Pending Approval until the next day when our team can process your order.

The collector stated in the collector’s details during ordering, must collect the physical notes at the selected branches. No third party collection is allowed.

Should the details of the collector vary from the details in the system, we have the right to seek alternative documents or proceed to cancel the transaction at our discretion.

Please show the email from Govaluta that contains the order details including Booking Number, together with your identification document. Both of these must match with the collector’s details captured during order placement. Customer verification will be performed at the branch and the officer will pass the foreign currency notes to you once the verification is successful.

You can collect them at the branch that was selected during ordering.

Yes. If you wish to cancel your order, you must do it X days/hours before the collection date (excluding the state of Z public holidays).
In order to cancel your order, you should make a request via emailing us at The email shall include your:

  • full name
  • KTP or passport number
  • booking number
  • mobile phone number
  • the payment confirmation receipt along with the bank account number of the bank account used by you to make an online payment .

Yes. All the charges we incur to transfer the funds to you electronically (e.g., Faspay and/or bank charges) will be deducted from the total refund amount

The total refund amount will be calculated based on the lowest rate by comparing the original sell rate during ordering and our prevailing buying rate on the cancellation date. If a card was used to purchase Indonesian Rupiah directly, the refund will be net of any bank and processing charges

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1. You acknowledge and agree with:

  • Foreign currency exchange rates vary from time to time. The Company will not entertain any claim for compensation due to change in the rates.
  • You shall only make payment for bookings upon receiving formal electronic (e.g. the in-app chat function) or written communication from the Company, which should be retained for use in the event of any discrepancies.
  • You shall satisfy all regulatory including but without limitation to Anti-Money Laundering, Anti-Terrorism Financing and Funding for the Proliferation of Mass Detruction Weapons No. 8 of 2010, Law No. 9 of 2013, and such other laws and regulations as may be applicable from time to time.
  • You shall fully cooperate in the event that additional information is requested from you by the Company to carry out Customer Due Diligence requirements as required by the Applicable Laws.
  • Any refund may be liable to additional charges as deemed necessary by the Company at its sole discretion including but not limited to charges, costs or expenses of whatsoever nature including Faspay, processing or bank charges the Company may have incurred.

2. By making a booking or online payment, you agree that:

  • any arising liability is on your own account;
  • you are waiving all right of claims and may not hold the Company liable from any legal action or losses incurred;
  • if you have made any advance payments before the completion of any regulatory checks on yourself/yourselves or provided insufficient information to process a refund, you may face a delay in receiving any qualifying refund. In this respect, you agree and acknowledge that you are aware that the Company may require additional time to process the refund, though we will strive to expedite any such process.
  • Any refunds for prepayments will be subject to conversion of pre-purchased currency to Indonesian Rupiah At the Company’s “Buy” rate or original “Sell” rate whichever is lower or the agreed Indonesian transaction amount if a card was used to obtain Indonesian Rupiah


1. Cancellation Upon Completion of a Purchase/Sale Transaction:

  • We do not allow a cancellation for a completed transaction where the currency exchange has already taken place and a receipt has been issued. In the event, you wish to cancel the completed transaction, you shall immediately perform an opposite transaction to your earlier exchange to reverse the purchase or sale (e.g, sell back the purchased foreign currency to the Company). You are liable to pay for the difference in the buy/sell rate at the prevailing board exchange rate set by the Company.
  • You shall only use the QR Code-based payment facility to make payment when instructed to do so by our staff upon agreeing the amount to be paid and meeting any compliance checks, if applicable. In the event, you inadvertently overpay with the incorrect amount, we will endeavor to transfer the overpaid amount to your bank account within 3 working days after receiving a request of overpayment refund from you together with your bank account details. Such requests should be made only via telephone (+62 812-3769-612) and approval of requests is subjected to any applicable rules and regulations laid out by the Law. The email shall include your full name, identity card or passport number, original online payment receipt, the bank account number of the bank account used by you in making QR Code-based payment.

2. Cancellation of Bookings

Cancellation where no payment has been made:

  • If the booking order is made using our website Booking facility and you would like to cancel it, please cancel the booking using our website and provide a reason when prompted. The Company reserves the right to stop honoring further bookings by you if multiple cancellations are made without good reason.

Cancellation where full or partial payment has been made while ordering online:

  • By making a payment you have entered into a binding contract with the Company and, in the event you decide to cancel the order, you are liable to pay for the difference in the buy / sell rate at the prevailing board exchange rate set by the Company.
  • Any claim for any charges, costs or expenses of whatsoever nature incurred by you in relation to such order will not be entertained. In such events, you shall not hold the Company, its directors, officers, suppliers, employees, subsidiaries, related corporation, associates, distributors and affiliates responsible nor liable for any Losses incurred by you in connection with use of the Service.
  • In the event, you fail to collect the purchased currency for 3 working days after the agreed collection date, the Rupiah Amount due to you will be transferred to the Company’s unclaimed money account. The refund process requires 3 working days after receiving a request of refund from you. Such requests should be made only via telephone (+62 812-3769-612) and approval of requests is subject to any applicable rules and regulations laid out by the Law. You must include your full name, identity card or passport number, original online payment receipt, the bank account number of the bank account used by you in making payment.

This document is strictly private, confidential and personal to its recipients and should not be copied, distributed or reproduced in whole or in part, nor passed to any third party without prior permission. ©Bali Primadana Gemilang, All Right Reserved

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